Knees Separating Pillow - Orthopedic Memory Foam

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During Pregnancy the extra weight puts pressure on your whole body all day long, This medical knee separating pillow helps relief the tension that you feel in your joints, it was designed to give your knees the chance to recover and relax, it also helps with relieving back pain by keeping the legs, hip and spine in proper alignment.
This Pillow is made from molded and highly resilient visco-elastic memory foam that shifts and mold to your legs shape allowing it to fit you perfectly, it reverts back to its original shape once you are done with it.


  • Increase circulation by making spinal alignment
  • Takes your legs shape instantly
  • Firmness optimized for relieving pain and pressure
  • Removable Cover
  • Highly resilient visco-elastic memory foam 

Materials: Polyester/Cotton
Filling: Highly resilient visco-elastic memory foam