Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Finding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy can be challenging, as you may have noticed you need support for your tummy and your back to be at ease, our pregnancy pillow is designed to follow perfectly the contours of your body during pregnancy. 
this pregnancy pillow keeps pressure off your joints by elevating and aligning your hips, it provides full support for your back, tummy, neck and shoulders. no matter how you like to sleep it will support all the key areas in your body.
This Pillow has a removable cover that you can change and wash anytime you want, make sure you checkout the covers we offer if you like to change colors or have a quick replacement.


  • Full support for back and tummy
  • Follow the curves of your body
  • Full support for neck and shoulders
  • Relief joints from pressure
  • Removable Cover
  • Anti-Apnea,  Anti-Static,Anti-Snore

Filling: Polyester / Cotton
Thread Count: 300TC
Shape: U-Shape