Health Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

Get a Pregnancy Pillow for These Reasons

1. Provide full body support:

Pregnancy Pillows provide full support for your stomach, neck, legs, shoulders and back. A Pregnancy Pillow will help you sleep in a half-fetal position, which is considered the best one for pregnant women. Our pregnancy pillows help you align your hip, shoulder and spine which relieves pressure on the spine, back and hips.

2. Stimulate deep sleep: 

A Pregnancy Pillow gets rid of discomforts and pain usually felt in pregnancy. This brings good sleep and comfort. Also these pillows can facilitate labour for you by helping the baby reach the best birth position.

3. Help You get the prefect sleeping position:

We know how hard it is for you to find a perfect position because you are constantly worrying about putting pressure on your growing baby, all worries will be gone when you use a pregnancy pillow that provides full support for you and your baby.

4. Improves blood circulation and lower heart rate:

Doctors recommend that you sleep on your left side as the baby begins to grow. A pregnancy pillow help you get the best position that helps your blood circulation and lowers heartrate because it takes all the pressure off of you.

5. Reduces heartburn and water retention levels:

A pregnancy pillow reduces the feeling of heartburn and minimizes water retention levels.

6. Prevents sleeping in the wrong position:

A pregnancy pillow is instrumental in preventing you from sleeping on your stomach which is an uncomfortable and dangerous position.

7. Can be used even after pregnancy:

A Pregnancy Pillow can also be used to support the baby while breastfeeding or to support her/his neck and back while resting.

8. Elevate your feet in sleep

9. Relax your muscles

10. Gets rid of body ache

11. Lowers risk of snoring

12. Allergy Free

13. Pregnancy pillow can relive back pain for you and your Man!

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